Our Mission

The Orlando Orthopaedic Center Foundation believes all youth athletes should have the opportunity to develop a lifetime of healthy habits playing the sports they love. In addition, we strive to provide the highest quality sports medicine and orthopaedic education to our healthcare community to further aid our youth athletes.

Why Youth Sports?

The benefits of participating in youth sports are well documented.
Student athletes are better prepared for a lifetime of healthy living.


Earn higher grades and are more likely to attend college and stay on track for graduation

Physical Health

Maintain lower rates of obesity and establish long lasting health and nutrition habits

Social Skills

Build effective communication and conflict resolution skills

Life Skills

Develop leadership skills, teamwork, confidence, perseverance, discipline, personal accountability, and strategic thinking

Emotional Health

Experience reduced levels of depression and anxiety


Enjoy a sense of belonging, developing friendships, and having fun together

Our Programs

We started with the vision to do more for the community and specifically to do more for youth athletes.

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Slidetest11 Scaled 6 Layer 1 Blake Bortles // NFL Quarterback Layer 1 The close-knit environment
that sports create is incredible.
It’s something everybody should
be able to experience.
Slidetest11 Scaled 5 Layer 2 Greg Register
Principal // St. Luke's Lutheran School
Layer 2 Sports can teach kids that
hard work and dedication
can create lifelong values
and goals.