reuss_bryan-blue-bgOrlando Orthopaedic Center’s Bryan L. Reuss, M.D., was presented with the 2012 Injured Workers Inspiration Award at the 67th Annual Workers’ Compensation Educational Conference for his work with a workers’ compensation patient who sustained an acetabular labral tear (damage to cartilage and tissue in the hip socket) and subsequently required hip arthroscopy surgery.

The patient, a stuntman at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park in Orlando, FLA., fell off of his motorcycle during a show and slid hundreds of feet on his hip before coming to a stop. After failing to recover from the injury during weeks of extensive conservative therapy, the hip arthroscopy procedure was performed by Dr. Reuss.

After 10 weeks of rehabilitation following surgery, the patient is back on his motorcycle, working full duty as one of the main stuntmen in the popular theme park attraction.