Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is capable of generating a detailed image of any part of the human body. MRI is often used for diagnosis and is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool used in medicine.

For example, if someone is having severe back pain, MRI can get a detailed look at the spine to see if there is a problem – a herniated disc or narrowing of the spinal canal are some of the causes of back pain that can be diagnosed by MRI.

If someone has a bone or tissue injury, MRI can also identify the injured tendons, ligaments, muscles or bone.

What to Expect During Your MRI Appointment

In an effort to help you better prepare for your MRI, we have compiled some of the most common questions we receive from patients and put them in the toggles below. If you do not see your question or concern addressed, please feel free to call us at (407) 849-6870.

After checking in, you will be asked to complete a brief screening questionnaire on paper which will be reviewed by the MRI Technician to ensure you may safely proceed with your MRI at our center. You should disclose to the MRI Technician of any and all implants, metal or electronic devices, or foreign objects in your body. You will be asked to remove all jewelry and may be asked to change into MRI appropriate clothing. You should notify the MRI Technician if you are claustrophobic.

To generate higher quality images, Orlando Orthopaedic Center utilizes a closed (circular, encompassing) scanner. All MRI scanners produce a series of humming, thumping, or clicking sounds throughout the scan. You will be offered earplugs to minimize the noise. Devices which channel the MRI signal to capture the image, called “coils,” will be placed around the body part being imaged.

During the scan, it’s important to remain as still as possible to ensure quality images are produced. Because an MRI takes several thinly-sliced pictures (think of a loaf of bread), any movement can blur or compromise the clarity of the images. The scan typically takes no longer than 20-40 minutes and once complete, the technician will briefly review the images to make certain no additional images are necessary before assisting you off the examination table.

MRIs performed at Orlando Orthopaedic Center will be stored in your patient chart, eliminating the need for the images to be put onto a disc! The images will be reviewed by a radiologist who is specifically trained to interpret MRI studies and who will send a report to the physician who ordered the MRI. It typically takes 2-3 days for the referring physician to receive the report which he/she will then discuss with you at your next office visit.

We offer MRIs at our Downtown Orlando, Winter Park and Oviedo offices. For complete directions and more information about each office, please click the links below.

MRI is a very safe and painless procedure and there are no harmful effects resulting from an MRI. However, because MRI units produce a large magnetic force, it’s important to screen for you to be screened for MRI safety prior to entering the MRI environment and exposing you to the magnetic field. While you may have safely had a MRI at another facility, not all MRI scanners have the same magnetic strength which can affect whether or not you are a candidate to receive a MRI at Orlando Orthopaedic Center if you have an implant known as “MRI conditional” (safe under manufacturer specified MRI parameters).

  • Your arrival time is 30 minutes prior to your scheduled MRI appointment time. You must arrive early in order to check-in, complete your safe screening, use the restroom, and remove any jewelry or change clothes as needed.
  • Because there are many other MRI patients after your appointment, you may need to reschedule your appointment if you arrive late.
  • Please confirm your MRI arrival time, appointment time, and location. Orlando Orthopaedic Center has 3 locations which offer MRI, and your MRI study may not be at the same location as where you were seen by your physician.
  • Due to the magnetic pull created by MRI, you will be asked to remove all jewelry, piercings, hair pins, clips, etc. For this reason, please try to leave these items at home as much as possible.
  • You will also be asked to change out of any clothes with metal in them. Aside from clothing with metal fasteners posing risks, more clothing brands (such as Lululemon) are now including metallic imbedded fibers, which can pose safety risks in the MRI environment.
  • If you were prescribed medication (such as valium) for your MRI study, please take the medication as prescribed by your ordering physician. Please do not wait until your appointment time to take the medication since your scan will be finished by the time the medication has taken effect.
  • If you were prescribed medication for your MRI study, also remember that you will need a driver to and from your appointment. Your driver must arrive with you and must stay for your entire appointment.
  • While we understand children or adults requiring special assistance (such as assisting with ambulation, translation, or emotional support) will require a companion to attend them in the MRI environment, patients should plan on attending their appointment alone or have their guests wait in the waiting room during their MRI.
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