Learn more about the services offered by the orthopaedic specialists at Orlando Orthopaedic Center. Many of the comprehensive, state-of-the-art services detailed below are available at each of our convenient locations.

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Recent News

Welcome Scott Combs, PA-C, Our Newest Physician Assistant

Scott Combs, PA-C We are pleased to announce Scott Combs, PA-C has joined Orlando Orthopaedic Center and is now seeing patients at [...]

Register for the 2018 14th Annual Orthopaedic Update for Allied Healthcare Professions Seminar

JOIN US AUGUST 4, 2018. This program focuses on evidence based practices for use of the latest technology and surgical procedures used [...]

Bilateral Bunionectomy Helps Patient Walk Pain-Free

Kathy’s pain around her big toe joint got so bad she couldn’t wear sneakers or athletic shoes without experiencing extreme discomfort. After consulting with two [...]

Patient Testimonial: Cervical and Lumbar Fusion Provide Relief for Chronic Back Pain

Daryl was experiencing chronic neck and back pain for longer than he can remember. One day while trying to get dressed and going through an [...]

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