Orlando Orthopaedic Center Foundation Awards $1,500 to UCF Student at the 2022 18th Annual Orthopaedic Update Conference

The Orlando Orthopaedic Center Foundation announces the recipient of the 2022 Orlando Orthopaedic Center Foundation Scholarship at its 18th Annual Orthopaedic Update Conference. The annual $1,500 scholarship was established to help students pursue their education in sports medicine. 

This year, Nichole Crouch, a student enrolled in the UCF Master of Athletic Training Program, was awarded the prestigious scholarship for her continued excellence in sports medicine.

After being told she won, Crouch responded, “I’d like to thank the Orlando Orthopaedic Center for providing this scholarship, and not only this scholarship–the foundation provides funding to our student organizations at UCF, which helps us attend conferences and really grow in our profession as students.”

For Kristen Schellhase, the director of the UCF Athletic Training Program, Crouch was the obvious choice, “When we spoke with her the first time, it was clear that she was a great fit. It’s cool that she’s an athlete and she has a master’s degree, which is already pretty impressive.”

Crouch also shared her thoughts about what the scholarship means to her, “The scholarship is really going to help me fully immerse myself working professional soccer. It’s going to give me the experience I need to say I’ve done it before, I know what I’m getting into, and I’m prepared and ready to go.” The extra money will allow her to pursue the career she’s always wanted and will give her the headstart she needs to succeed.

The foundation is proud of Crouch’s accomplishments and looks forward to her future contributions as an athletic trainer.

Each year the Orlando Orthopaedic Center Foundation awards the scholarship to a student enrolled in the UCF Master of Athletic Training Program to support their continuing education in sports medicine. Visit OrlandoOrtho.com/Foundation for more information about the foundation and its other programs.