Dr. Michael D. Riggenbach and Dr. Christopher S. Warrell Join Lake Nona Area Medical Advisory Committee

Michael D. Riggenbach, M.D., and Christopher S. Warrell, M.D. have been appointed to serve on the Lake Nona Performance Club (LNPC) Medical Advisory Council (MAC), comprised of physicians, providers, and leaders from the Lake Nona community.

The MAC serves as a vital mechanism for linking the LNPC to the continuum of care. It is meant to distinguish the LNPC from other commercial and community-based fitness centers in the region by creating oversight whereby its programs and services are developed utilizing the best available science, evidence, and expertise that the Performance Club offers.

Dr. Riggenbach and Dr. Warrell see patients in the Orlando Orthopaedic Center Lake Nona office and walk-in clinic in the same building adjacent to the LNPC.

“As a resident and active member of the Lake Nona community, I look forward to serving on the MAC. This is a unique arrangement and another instance where Lake Nona is leading the way in innovation”, says Dr. Riggenbach.