Henry’s Success Story: Recovering in Half the Time

When life takes an unexpected turn, and you find yourself facing an arm fracture, the expertise of an orthopaedic surgeon becomes invaluable. 

Orthopaedic treatment for arm fractures aims to restore functionality and relieve pain while minimizing discomfort and recovery time. William W. Baldwin, M.D., a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in Sports Medicine, Knee & Shoulder Surgery at Orlando Orthopaedic Center, has helped numerous patients regain their strength and mobility. 

One such patient, Henry, had never experienced a broken bone before, but he shared his exceptional experience with Dr. Baldwin after suffering a bike accident and humerus (upper arm) fracture. He went through a combination of surgery and diligent physical therapy and cut his recovery time in half. 

“Dr. Baldwin and his team were smart, really understood what they were doing, and he was fast. I’m not a spring chicken; honestly, I have never broken a bone,” Henry shares.

Orthopaedic Treatment for Arm Fractures

From physical therapy to orthopaedic surgery for arm fractures, treatment typically involves the surgical realignment and stabilization of broken arm bones, allowing them to heal correctly. Orthopaedic care is essential when non-surgical methods, such as casting or bracing, are insufficient for a full recovery.

Do You Need Surgery or Physical Therapy for an Arm Fracture?

Orthopaedic surgery and physical therapy may become necessary when arm fractures are severe, complex, or displaced. Surgery might be the most effective way to restore the arm’s structural integrity and function in these cases. However, physical therapy can improve movement and strength in other cases, especially after your arm has been immobilized in a cast or sling.

When Should I Consider Orthopaedic Surgery for an Arm Fracture?

The decision to undergo orthopaedic surgery for an arm fracture depends on factors like the type of fracture, its severity, and its impact on daily activities. Surgery is often recommended when non-surgical approaches are insufficient for a full recovery.

What Happens During Surgical Treatment for an Arm Fracture?

During surgery for an arm fracture, anesthesia is administered to ensure comfort throughout the procedure and post operative period. Dr. Baldwin and his team make small incisions at the fracture site to realign the broken bones. Specialized instruments secure the fracture with pins, plates, or screws. The incisions are then closed, and you will be moved to a recovery area.

Physical therapy is often recommended after surgery. If you are already in a cast and slowly healing, working with a physical therapist can decrease your recovery time. 

Recovery Timeline for an Arm Fracture

William W. Baldwin, M.D. Sports Medicine, Knee & Shoulder Surgery
William W. Baldwin, M.D.
Sports Medicine, Knee & Shoulder Surgery
The recovery period following an arm fracture varies depending on the fracture’s complexity and individual factors. The timeline generally includes the following phases:

Immediate postoperative period: After the surgery, you will spend a short time in recovery. Once cleared, you may go home the same day.

Initial healing phase: In the first few days, you might experience mild to moderate discomfort, swelling, and bruising around the surgical site although modern anesthesia methods and medications greatly minimize this pain. Pain medication and proper wound care are essential during this phase.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy: Physical therapy is a crucial part of recovery. Dr. Baldwin will recommend a personalized rehabilitation program to improve your arm’s range of motion, strengthen the muscles, and restore function.

Return to activities: The timeline for resuming normal activities varies based on the extent of the surgery and your healing progress. Light activities can be resumed within a few weeks, while more strenuous activities may require a more extended recovery.

Don’t let an arm fracture limit your quality of life. If you’re facing persistent arm pain or have been diagnosed with a complex arm fracture, schedule an appointment at Orlando Orthopaedic Center to explore the potential benefits of orthopaedic surgery. Dr. Baldwin and his team are here to help you regain your arm’s strength and functionality.