What is Outpatient Partial Knee Replacement?

Approximately 2 out of every 3 patients that need a partial knee replacement are candidates for the outpatient setting.

To be considered for the outpatient UniPath procedure, patients should fit a certain medical “risk profile” and not have medical issues that pose an unreasonable risk. Your doctor will help make that determination.

Most patients get back to driving after one week and are back playing golf about six weeks following surgery.

What Are Patient Benefits of Outpatient Partial Knee Surgery?

  • Return home the same day as your surgery compared to several days in the hospital.
  • Home healthcare and therapy teams are provided for you.
  • Increased comfort as a result of performing your rehab almost exclusively at home.
  • Most patients are fully healed and will complete rehabilitation within 6 weeks.

The Surgery

Once you have elected to move forward with the surgery you will:

  • Return to the office to discuss complete details of the procedure with your surgeon.
  • Schedule a pre-op visit with the anesthesiologist and at-home visits with the home healthcare and physical therapy (PT) team.
  • Receive your comprehensive home instruction booklet. This booklet is “all- inclusive” and covers every aspect you will need to know for pre-op, day of surgery and post-op home healthcare.
  • Arrive at Orlando Orthopaedic Center Outpatient Surgery Center and sign in!

Outpatient Partial Knee Replacement Information Guide

Are you having an outpatient knee replacement surgery procedure at Orlando Orthopaedic Center?

Download the appropriate guide below to discover what you should expect before, during and after your outpatient knee replacement surgery.

Click Here to Download the Outpatient Partial Knee Replacement Information Guide

Knee Replacement FAQs

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